Natural Fitness
with Coach KB or Mel


May 13 (Thursday)
at 5:15 pm (GMT-07:00)

Class length
50 minutes


All levels welcome. Natural Fitness is based on what your body was meant to do – MOVE! We are designed to move in complex and adaptive ways. This class will develop strength from the ground up through the range of natural human movement skills - ground movement, crawling, balancing, lifting, carrying, throwing, catching, walking, running, jumping, vaulting, and climbing. No equipment is needed for these classes but a 2x4 is helpful to practice balancing. Any objects you have around the home for lifting/carrying. You will be emailed with optional equipment recommendations 10 minutes before class starts.
Natural Fitness classes are taught by Level 3 MovNat Master Trainers Kimberly Alexander and Melissa Sher.


Sorry - that class has already taken place!